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For Project: A002622/001 - SHELBY POINTE CONDOMINIUM**
Rejection 02/11/2020 C.H

A Pending Litigation document was received regarding the Windows and Roof leaking, and the Association will have to sue the Homeowner to get the unit cleaned out. Please answer the following questions provided, signed and dated.

1.Reason(s) for the Litigation
2.Risk of the Litigation
3.Anticipated Settlement/ Judgement Date, If any
4.Sufficiency of Insurance Coverage to pay out a settlement/ judgement
5.Impact of the Litigation on future solvency of Condominium Association
6.Complaint filed with the Court
7.All engineering or expert reports commissioned by the Condominium Association
or their attorneys, which include evidence of the safety, structural soundness, habitability, or functional use of the CondominiumProject and evidence of the cost of regular repair(s) of any construction defect and status of repairs.
Total Number of Units missing on HUD-9992 Questionnaire. (HUD 999- Questionnaire)

Signature Missing on Management Agreement for Mul


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