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For Project: P003646/001 - FOXWOOD CONDOMINIUM
T APPROVED 11.25.15.

INELIGIBLE: 2nd Am Declaratn Foxwood Condo III allows rental of unit only once & only if owner occupied for two years. -Restrictions are not permitted 1.8.9 Condo Guide & violate 24 CFR 203.41.

Foxwood Condo I and II are affiliated & are mangd as one entity by a master assoc, Manville Lane, so all 3 projs must be reviewed.

-Need proof Declarations for Condo I, II & III were amended to remove above restrctn.

ALSO: 1. Apndx A.

2. For CondoS I& II -Apndx E-1.

3. Arts Incorp -Condo III or stmnt HOA not incorpd.

4. Corrctd budget -Condo III.

5. Budgt & bal sheet for master & all 3 Condos.

6. Declaratn & Bylaws -master & Condo I and II.

7. Complte Bylaws -Condo III.

8. Condo III fiscal year.

9. Prev yr Inc-Exp Stmnt -master.

10. Proof of proprty ins -all 3 projects & master.

11. Proof of fidelity coverage -all 3 projcts & master.

12. The 2nd FEMA Flood Map.


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