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Quick Start Guide: User Administration

This Quick Start User Administration (Application Coordinator) page outlines:
the Application Coordinator role in user administration
the FHA Connection user ID authorization and maintenance process

Application Coordinators are responsible for maintaining access for their organization's registered, authorized users to the functions that those users are approved to use on the FHA Connection. Users must register themselves. Following that, it is the Application Coordinator who performs the needed administrative tasks. The Applicator Coordinator establishes and/or updates authorizations to specific FHA Connection functions, and terminates and/or reinstates the User ID. The Application Coordinator also assists with routine sign on problems, e.g., password resets and retrieval of forgotten FHA Connection IDs (the User name entered in the Sign on dialog box).

The Application Coordinator Information table organizes by user type being administered its respective administration information, i.e., activities, procedures/tasks, Application Coordinator registration form.

Pre-registration and registration requirements for FHA Connection Application Coordinators performing Standard User administration. This discusses requirements for Application Coordinators maintaining Standard User access to FHA Connection functions. These Application Coordinators perform their tasks using the FHA Connection ID Administration link on the ID Maintenance menu.
the Service Bureau Administration page which covers (a) establishment of service bureaus, i.e., the organizations that lenders authorize to service their loans, and (b) addresses how the lender organization's Application Coordinators authorize and maintain the access that service bureaus have to FHA Connection Monthly Premiums and Title 1 functions. Service bureau authorization is the first step; it is performed via the ID Maintenance menu's Service Bureau Authorization function. Once a service bureau is authorized, internal service bureau Application Coordinators are established to perform the Standard User administration tasks within the service bureau organization (see FHA Connection Standard User administration). These internal service bureau Application Coordinators must complete the prescribed pre-registration and registration requirements before they can provide these administrative functions.
CAIVRS User Administration which outlines access by approved lenders that are not FHA-approved to the CAIVRS Credit Alert System to pre-screen loan applicant creditworthiness. CAIVRS Application Coordinators must follow the prescribed pre-registration and registration requirements before they can provide Standard User administration within their organization.
user assistance for finding Application Coordinator contacts
How to Register
Detailed Information Resources table
Application Coordinator information (organizational type, procedures/tasks, forms)

The requirements for Application Coordinators vary according to organizational type. Refer to the Application Coordinator Information table that follows for definition of each organizational type that requires an Application Coordinator and also for links to relevant procedures, tasks, and registration forms.

Application Coordinator Information
Organizational Type
Tasks and Procedures
Registration Form

FHA-approved Lender: processes Single Family or Multifamily FHA-insured loans

See FHA Connection Standard User administration Application Coordinator Registration
Service Bureau: processes monthly mortgage insurance premiums for FHA-approved lenders See FHA Connection Standard User administration Application Coordinator Registration
Underwriter Review System (URS) contractor: evaluates underwriters employed by direct endorsement lenders See FHA Connection Standard User administration URS Registration (select Coordinator option)
FHA-approved HECM Housing Counseling Agency: provides Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) counseling services See FHA Connection Standard User administration HECM Housing Counselor Registration (select Coordinator option)
FHA Subsidiary Ledger (FHASL) business partner: supports HUD financial/internal management processes See FHA Connection Standard User administration FHASL Registration (select Coordinator option)
CAIVRS user that is not an FHA-approved lender or is a non-HUD Federal agency: accesses the CAIVRS Credit Alert System, a delinquent Federal borrowers database, to pre-screen loan applicants' creditworthiness.

Note: FHA-approved lenders accessing CAIVRS use the FHA-approved Lender process and forms given above in this table.
See CAIVRS user administration of lenders that are not FHA-approved or that are non-HUD Federal agencies CAIVRS Web site
Pre-registration and registration requirements (Application Coordinator)

Establishing Application Coordinators prior to Standard User registration involves meeting certain pre-registration and registration requirements.

Pre-registration requirements for FHA Connection Application Coordinators performing Standard User administration include:

a minimum of one Application Coordinator must be designated and approved by your organization's CEO to submit an Application Coordinator registration form to HUD (Single Family lenders may have a maximum of four Application Coordinators; all other organizations/institutions have a maximum of two)
verification of the mailing address of your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to ensure that HUD has the proper address for sending the Application Coordinator IDs. To perform this verification, if you are:
an FHA-approved lender or service bureau, consult the FHA Connection CEO Mailing Address page
a URS organization, consult the URS Contractor Address page
an FHA-approved housing counseling agency providing HECM counseling, consult the HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies page

Registration requirements include:

each Application Coordinator approved by their organization's CEO must complete and submit the appropriate Application Coordinator registration form to HUD. Consult the Application Coordinator Registration table.
if HUD approves, it mails the notification letter with the approved Application Coordinator(s) user ID(s) to the CEO's Home Office address. The individual(s) applying to become an Application Coordinator receive an e-mail message that their request has been successfully processed and the user ID(s) mailed to their CEO.
the CEO provides the user ID(s) to the Application Coordinator(s).

Once these pre-registration and registration steps are successfully completed, other employees (Standard Users) can then request FHA Connection user IDs via the appropriate registration form.

User assistance for finding Application Coordinator (and other) contacts

Assistance is available via the following resources.


Authorized users who can sign on - access the ID Maintenance menu or Lender Functions menu to select the Application Coordinators option
Users who cannot sign on - use the Home page to select from:
Contact Us to find the appropriate contact information
E-mail Us to reach the Single Family Administrator who can provide user assistance

Detailed Information Resources
Subject/Type of Information
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ID Maintenance; Registration and Sign on
Explains Application Coordinator registration by user type Registering to Use the FHA Connection
Illustrated, detailed training on the user administration process and roles

FHA Connection Registration Procedures; User Administration; Service Bureau Administration