Registering an Independent User (Auditor/Independent Public Accountant) - Quick Start Guide


Independent Users (Auditors and Independent Public Accountants) require access to the FHA Connection in their role of supporting the annual FHA-approved lender audit. To do this, they must register to use HUD's Lender Assessment Subsystem (LASS) which is used in the audit process. The Independent User Registration form is found in the Real Estate Assessment Center section of the HUD web site.

The Application Coordinator of the lender being audited uses the FHA Connection ID Administration page to grant LASS authorizations to the auditors. Auditors work with their respective lenders to receive this access.

For detailed information on this process, consult the Frequently Asked Questions Lender Assessment (LASS) available on the FHA Connection.

Once access is granted, auditors use their user ID and password to submit audit results. LASS requires use of an officially assigned user ID and transmission via a secure Internet connection to HUD's secure systems. Important: The user ID is assigned to the person that registers, not the organization under which he/she registers. Therefore, each person requiring access to HUD's secure systems must register for a user ID (i.e., a user ID cannot be shared by multiple people). You can register for only one user ID.