Physical Assessment--Detailed Guide

Physical Assessment


The Physical Assessment Subsystem (PASS) allows users to perform tasks and view/gather data and information related to on-site physical inspections and assessments of HUD properties including:

  • Online scheduling and viewing of inspections (provides scheduling ability for HUD, Contractors, and/or Servicing Mortgagees)
  • Inspection reviews (provides ability for inspectors and contractors to review inspection status and respond with additional clarifications)
  • HUD Real Estate Owned (REO) reports (search and view the REO report for a specific case number or view all available REO reports sorted by case number or upload date).

Authorized users are mortgagees, HUD Home Ownership Centers (HOCs), and Management and Marketing (M&M) contractors.

From the Physical Assessment link on the FHA Connection Multifamily web site, users reach the HUD Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Online Systems page. This is a single sign on gateway to multiple systems, allowing you to:

  • Log In: If you are already a registered user, type your user ID and password to enter PASS.
  • Use Online Registration to link to the appropriate registration form. Application Coordinators grant authorized users either Scheduler or REO authorization using the FHA Connection User Authorization page.
  • Request Password Reset.