Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing Overview--Detailed Guide

Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing


Under HUD's Title I Program, participating lenders make loans to finance property improvements and the purchase of manufactured homes. HUD insures the lender against loss should the borrower default on the loan. When you select the Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing menu option you will enter the Title I Processing section of the FHA Connection which provides the ability to:

  • Report a single loan for insurance
  • Report a single refinance for insurance
  • Report multiple loans (through a batch file) for insurance
  • Download current bill
  • Inquire about a claim submission, including:
    • Detailed breakdowns of Title I claim payments
    • Title I claim denial reasons
    • Confirmation of claims in process
  • Get information on paid claim servicing
  • Link to Title I Letters on HUDweb, allowing easy access to this information
  • Select and authorize a Service Bureau via the Service Bureau Authorization page in ID Maintenance (for authorized users).