Appraisers List - Field Descriptions
The field descriptions for the Appraisers List page are listed below in the order they appear on the page:

Field Description
Appraiser Roster as of [month day year] Date through which the FHA-approved appraiser statistical information is retrieved.
Name Full name of the FHA-approved appraiser.
License/Expiration Date Includes four elements: 1) Identifier for the FHA-approved appraiser; includes the appraiser's state license number preceded by the two-character state code. Example: NY123456. Alternatively, a six-character identifier with a CH prefix provided by HUD's origination system for an FHA-approved appraiser with unavailable state license information. 2) The type of appraiser license associated with the license number, i.e., Licensed, Certified General, Certified Residential. 3) The license expiration date, mm/dd/yyyy. 4) An FHA-certification expired notation (appears only for expired licenses). Note: A 30-day grace period exists following the expiration date in which an appraiser with an expired license can still be assigned during Case Number Assignment.
Address Full business address for the FHA-approved appraiser.

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Last revised: August 6, 2008