CAIVRS User Registration Results Page
Field Descriptions

The field descriptions for the CAIVRS User Registration Results page are provided below.

Field Description
MessageNotification to the user that processing was successful or unsuccessful. If there is an error, a corresponding Error(s) Detected field appears near the bottom of the page.
Agency/ProgramAcronym for the Federal agency participating in CAIVRS that employs the applicant.
DOE: U.S. Department of Education
DOJ: U.S. Department of Justice
FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Treasury)
SBA: U.S. Small Business Administration
USDA: U.S. Department of Agriculture
VA: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
First Name First name of the applicant.
Middle Initial Middle initial of the applicant.
Last Name Surname of the applicant.
Social Security NumberSocial Security Number of the applicant.
Telephone Number Telephone number of the applicant.
E-mail Address Electronic mail address of the applicant.
Mother's Maiden NameSurname of the applicant's mother before marriage.

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Last revised: March 17, 2005