CEO Mailing Address - Business Background

When HUD approves the registration of an Application Coordinator, an FHA Connection user ID is assigned to the Application Coordinator. A notification letter containing the FHA Connection user ID is mailed to the attention of the chief executive officer (CEO) at the home office mailing address HUD has on record for the organization. CEO Mailing Address should be used to verify this address before processing Application Coordinator Registration.

Incorrect Lender Address

If a lender's home office mailing address is incorrect, fax a letter to HUD's Lender Approval Division at (202) 755-0303. It must be on letterhead, signed by a Vice President or higher official, and include the 10-character FHA lender ID. The old and new address must be provided (including county). Specify that it is the home office mailing address, since HUD retains multiple addresses for a lender. For confirmation that HUD's records have been updated, include your fax number and a contact name.

Incorrect Service Bureau Address

To correct the address of a service bureau for a Title II Lender, send an e-mail message to and include the five-digit FHA service bureau ID.


To correct the address of a service bureau for a Title I lender, call the Premiums Help Line at 1-800-669-5152, x4232.

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Last revised: March 14, 2014