Case Number Assignment > Establish a New Case Overview--Detailed Guide

Establish a New Case

(Validate Borrower/Property Address for
Case Number Assignment)


The first step in establishing a new case using the FHA Connection is to click the Establish a New Case link on the Case Number Assignment menu. This takes you to the Validate Borrower/Address for Case Number Assignment page where you enter:

  • borrower information, i.e., name, Social Security Number, and birth date, that is validated against government records, and
  • property address, that is validated against the U.S. Postal Service database.

Successful completion of this validation stage takes you to the Case Number Assignment page.

The Validate Borrower/Address page itself and the Help (Business Background, Processing Steps, and Field Descriptions) at the top of it provide instructions, prompts, and messages to deal with the situations that may arise, such as:

  • Borrower information incorrect
  • Borrower information not available
  • Street address undetermined due to being proposed or current construction
  • Rural route addresses
  • Finding (and accepting) an address that most closely resembles the property's address
  • Overriding borrower or address validation.

For a fuller picture of the process, you may wish to refer to the Case Number Assignment or the Case Number Assignment Update discussions.

Refer to Case Processing instructions for an illustrated overview of the process.