Case Number Assignment Overview--Detailed Guide

Case Number Assignment Menu


The Case Number Assignment process provides the steps for a lender to establish an FHA-insured case in HUD's origination system.

There are actually four steps available on the Case Number Assignment menu. These steps are described in more detail in the Case Processing discussion. The table below shows how they work together.

(Note: The links in the table take you to a discussion of the specific page or process.)

Menu Link
Page Name
Establish a New Case Validate Borrower/ Address for Case Number Assignment Borrower/Address validation. Successful completion takes you to the Case Number Assignment page.
Case Number Assignment Refer to Case Processing discussion for detailed illustration of Case Number Assignment.
Update an Existing Case Case Number Assignment Update Update (or add to) existing information for cases with case number already assigned.
Holds Tracking Holds Tracking

The mortgage insurance process--endorsement--is completed when a Mortgage Insurance Certificate (MIC) is issued by the FHA. The case number assigned is used in subsequent transactions and inquiries in the FHA Connection.

The lender should gather required information before beginning this process.


(1) The FHA Approval Lists menu provides one way to look up some information with its lists of appraisers, inspectors, underwriters, and other relevant information.

(2) To find an FHA-approved lender, consult the FHA Connection's Lender Approval menu discussed in the Lender Approval instructions.