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Quick Start Guide: HECM Counseling Functions


This Quick Start page defines Single Family Origination HECM Counseling functions.

HECM Counseling Functions

The HECM Counseling Functions menu enables HUD and its HECM counseling business partners to perform the necessary business tasks related to maintaining the FHA HECM Counselor Roster and generating HECM Counseling Certificates required for FHA endorsement of HECM loans. HUD's business partners include: a) FHA-approved housing counseling agencies, b) housing counselors employed by FHA-approved housing counseling agencies and approved for HECM counseling, and c) FHA Connection Application Coordinators employed by FHA-approved housing counseling agencies.

The HECM Counseling Functions table below describes each function on the HECM Counseling Functions menu and its capabilities.

HECM Counseling Functions
Functions Capability
HECM Counseling Certificate Allows authorized HECM counselors to enter and update information for a completed HECM counseling session and generate a HECM counseling certificate. A signed certificate is required by FHA before the lender can obtain FHA insurance for a HECM loan.

In addition, authorized users may use this function to search for and view HECM counseling certificates generated via the FHA Connection. Users include authorized HUD personnel, HECM counselors, and housing counseling agencies' FHA Connection Application Coordinators.
HECM Counselor Roster Allows authorized users to retrieve information about counselors on the FHA HECM Counselor Roster. In addition:
A housing counseling agency's FHA Connection Application Coordinator uses this function to add or update a counselor's employment information,
a HECM counselor uses this function to view their information, update personal and contact information, and add/update training information,
Authorized HUD Headquarters personnel can update counselor information and terminate/reinstate a counselor's enrollment in the Roster.
HECM Counselor Roster Held Allows authorized HUD Headquarters personnel to review a HECM Counselor Roster Application or HECM Counselor Roster Update/Renewal put on hold for any of the following:
counselor may be listed on the Limited Denial of Participation (LDP) List or in the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS),
there is a possible issue with the counselor's address or zip code,
further research is needed to match the counselor with the correct HECM Counselor Exam record.
After performing the necessary research, the reviewer either accepts or rejects the application/renewal.