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Quick Start Guide: Lender Approval Functions


This Quick Start page defines Lender Approval functions.

Lender Approval

Lender Approval allows authorized users to perform lending institution-related functions, including payment of annual recertification fees, maintaining addresses and contact information, updating branch information, adding or terminating loan correspondents, and adding authorized agents. Lender Approval is divided into Title I and Title II functions. Depending upon the authorization(s) granted, you may access Title I (manufactured homes and home improvements) functions; Title II (multifamily and single family homes) functions; or both functions.

The Lender Approval Functions table that follows describes each function on the Lender Approval menu and its capabilities or the information it provides.

See also the Detailed Information Resources table for in-depth, illustrated training on the Lender Approval functions.

Lender Approval Functions
Functions Capability
Institution Profile (Title I & Title II Authorization) Allows access to and printing of your lending organization's yearly recertification form, payment of recertification fees online, and view of lending institution information, including:
the total number of FHA branches (active and terminated)
the total number of loan correspondents and authorized agent relationships
mortgagee type
fiscal year end date
next annual recertification requirements
home office details, including the contact information and six addresses used by HUD (view and update).

Additional information depends on the user's institution type. Institution Profile provides access to Home Office Details via its View Home Office Details link.

Home Office Details Home Office Details provides the six key addresses on record for the home office, business authorizations, and other information currently on record for the lending institution's main office.
Branch Functions (Title I & Title II Authorization) Allows addition of a new branch, display of an existing branch, reinstatement of a terminated branch, request of a list of branches, generation of a report of all of the branches, or definition of a specific subset. Additionally, information may be viewed for an individual branch by entering a specific branch ID. Authorized users may add or delete a branch.
Areas Approved for Business (Title I & Title II Authorization) Displays the field office (regional) areas in which the lender is approved to do business for (a) a specific lender branch, (b) all branches with field office zones for each branch listed alphabetically by name, and (c) the entire institution in one aggregate alphabetical list.
Sponsor Relations (Title I & Title II Authorization) Allows selection of an institution with which you have an existing relationship to view summary information, termination of one or more relationships, generation of a report of existing relationships, or addition of a loan correspondent.
Authorized Agent Relations (Title II Authorizaton only) Depending upon authorization(s), the Authorized Agent Relations function allows view (as a Principal or as an Agent) of the existing relations with other lending institutions. Accordingly, agent/principal details may be viewed, the relationship deleted, a report of existing relations generated, and/or a new principal/agent added.
Detailed Information Resources
Subject/Type of Information
Lender Approval functions: detailed, illustrated explanations Lender Approval