Introduction to the FHA Connection - Quick Start Guide


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This introduction provides information on:

Loan Processing Using the FHA Connection

The FHA Connection is an interactive system on the Internet that gives approved Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lenders real-time access to data residing in a number of HUD FHA systems.

The FHA Connection:

  • Provides over 80 different types of online business transactions supporting the entire loan processing life cycle
  • Processes over 180,000 transactions daily
  • Speeds loan processing via use of a familiar web browser and an Internet connection
  • Provides a user-friendly menu system (shown on main page in Detailed Guide section) to allow you to navigate through loan processing activities (also called functions) and information resources (see Functions for descriptions).

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Navigating Through the FHA Connection

The Detailed Guide section of the FHA Connection Guide gives you a menu map for navigating the Connection. The map links to descriptions of functions on each menu. It begins with the FHA Connection top-level menus (the Main Menu and Single Family FHA) and proceeds to the individual menus and submenus that branch from the top level, including Single Family Origination, Single Family Servicing, and Lender Approval.

Sign On is required to use the FHA Connection, so all users begin on the FHA Connection's home page where you may click:

  • Sign On to enter your authorized user ID (User Name) and your password to log in to the FHA Connection
  • About this Site & Registration for information resources, including:
    • Purpose of the FHA Connection
    • Links to help you become a registered user (see also Registration in this Guide)
    • A link to the Mortgagee Packet which describes in some detail getting started, loan processing functions available, and information aids, such as Lender Resources and Mortgagee Letters
    • Home Ownership Center (HOC) contact information
    • Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting (MDDR) system information
    • A link to this Guide which has links to function definitions and detailed descriptions of the Single Family Origination and Single Family Servicing functions
  • Frequently Asked Questions which go into questions users most often ask under the topics of:
    • ID Maintenance
    • Registration and Sign-on
    • Case Processing
    • Single Family Servicing
    • Lender Approval
    • General Questions
  • Hours of Operation of HUD Systems

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User System Requirements

The following system requirements are needed to use the FHA Connection for loan processing:
  • Personal computer with access to the Internet using a modem or network that accesses an Internet Service Provider
  • Internet web browser that is SSL-compliant (see Security below)
  • A browser that meets minimum HUD requirements (for example, the browser must be at least Version 4.75 for Netscape or 5.0 for Internet Explorer)


Access to FHA Connection function is carefully controlled.

The following are some of the security measures in place for the FHA Connection:

  • The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry-standard, Internet communications protocol used to ensure data security
  • Data encryption protects transmissions between a user's terminal and HUD
  • Authentication is displayed to the user that they are connected to HUD
  • Unique user IDs and password security are required for access
  • The procedure for authorizing and enabling access to FHA Connection functions is a carefully controlled process between HUD and the lender organization
  • Protected security administration and maintenance are secure online functions within the FHA Connection, which include:
    • Password protocols
    • An authorization approval process described in the Registration section of this Guide

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How to Get Help

There are multiple ways to receive assistance, depending on the type of need. These include:
  • Learning tools :
    • What I Need to Know . . . : Click next to a menu item on the Case Processing page (e.g., Appraisal Logging or Insurance Application)
    • Processing a Mortgage for Single Family Insurance located on the Single Family Origination and Case Processing pages
  • Help links on function pages, explaining business background, fields, and processing
  • Information links:
    • Mortgagee Packet and this FHA Connection Guide located on the About the FHA Connection page (About This Site & Registration)
    • Frequently Asked Questions located on the FHA Connection's home page
  • Processing aids:
    • Lookups: look up pertinent information during data entry
    • Lists of favorites: maintain lists of your own frequently-used lenders (originators, sponsors, and agents) and appraisers
    • End-of screen options: links to other functions that can be used for the case with which you are currently working
  • For more complex needs use:
    • Direct e-mail to
    • HUD Helpline at (202) 708-3300

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