Register to Use the FHA Connection - Quick Start Guide

Registration is required to use the FHA Connection. The registration procedure varies according to the role performed or the access needed. The FHA Connection is the key system used by:

  • FHA-approved Lenders who process FHA-insured loans and access the FHA Connection as either:

Other accesses and registration procedures are as follows:

  • CAIVRS defaulted Federal debtors database access for prescreening borrowers is available to FHA-approved lenders, non-FHA-approved lenders, and participating Federal agency employees:
  • FHA-approved Appraisers who participate in HUD's Appraiser Review process must:
  • FHA Subsidiary Ledger (FHASL) business partners who support HUD's financial and other internal management processes use the FHASL online registration form.
  • Independent Users (Auditor or Independent Public Accountant) who support the annual FHA-approved lender audit:
  • Service Bureaus processing monthly mortgage insurance premiums for FHA-approved lenders who use the FHA Connection to view monthly premium reports:
  • Underwriter Review Contractors who evaluate the underwriters employed by FHA-approved direct endorsement lenders. Users are either Standard Users (most users) or Application Coordinators (1-2 persons per contractor organization who authorize and assist Standard Users with FHA Connection access). All Underwriter Review Contractors register using the Underwriter Review System (URS) Registration form.

For detailed registration guidelines, see About the FHA Connection: Registering to Use the FHA Connection.