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Neighborhood Watch aids HUD/FHA staff in monitoring lenders and HUD programs, and assists lenders and the public in facilitating self-policing of the industry. The system is designed to highlight exceptions, so that potential problems are readily identifiable. In addition, the system can be used to identify loan programs, geographic areas and lenders that are performing well.

Notes: Users new to Neighborhood Watch will find it helpful to refer to the Help/About menu option which provides information on Getting Started, the basics of the application menu, and functionality for Early Warning, Servicing, Analysis, Details, Queries, and Reporting. It also provides a Frequently Asked Questions section, information on the latest data refresh date, and explanation of how to use its download to a spreadsheet capability.
  The What's New option (on the Help/About menu) describes enhancements, changes, and new features from 1998 to present.
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Illustrated, detailed training on accessing and using Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch