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Quick Start: Single Family Origination User Aids - WINK


WINK Topics pages (Figure 1 and Figure 2) are designed to facilitate use of FHA Connection functions by focusing on:

solutions for common processing problems
definitions and explanations of complex processing tasks

WINK Topics pages

WINK Topics pages present key information and often link to subtopic pages that drill down to more detailed explanations and illustrations. For example, the WINK About Appraisal Logging module page (Figure 1) discusses the Before Appraisal Logging topic: Changing the Assigned Appraiser. The Case Query link in its first bullet takes you to the subtopic page: Case Query Displays Assigned Appraiser (Figure 2).

Figure 1 also points out the Topics menu (always available on the right) and a link to a WINK pop-up definition (view that pop-up in Figure 3). Refer also to the WINK navigation elements and user aids discussion.

WINK Topics page example
Figure 1: WINK Before Appraisal Logging Topics page

WINK navigation elements and user aids

WINK navigation elements and user aids are also illustrated in Figure 1. They include:
Home to return to the specific WINK topic's Home page (upper left)
Site Map (graphical illustration of Single Family Origination menus and functions)
Other Resources for FHA Connection training
Topics menu (on right) listing and linking to subtopics covered, e.g., the before, during and after Appraisal Logging phases and Property Flipping
the Print command in the upper right

WINK Subtopics pages

Figure 2 illustrates a typical WINK subtopic page, as it specifies and illustrates how to locate information on a case's assigned appraiser.
WINK subject page example
Figure 2: WINK shows Case Query Results with assigned appraiser information highlighted
WINK pop-up page example
Figure 3: Printable WINK definition pop-up