203k Consultants - Field Descriptions
The field descriptions for the 203k Consultants page are listed below in the order they appear on the page:

Field Description
Consultant ID FHA's unique five-character identifier for a 203k consultant. The initial character of the ID identifies the Homeownership Center associated with the consultant:
A - Atlanta
D - Denver
P - Philadelphia
S - Santa Ana
Name Full or partial last and first name of consultant(s) to be included in the requested list.
City Full or partial city name to be included in the requested list.
State State(s) to be included in the requested list.

FHA-approval status of the 203k consultants for which the list is requested:
Active - FHA-approval is in effect.
Terminated - FHA-approval is not in effect.


If there is an error that needs to be corrected, a Message field appears on the 203k Consultants page and a corresponding Error(s) Detected field. These fields provide information about correcting the error.

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Last revised: September 28, 2012