203k Consultants List - Field Descriptions
The field descriptions for the 203k Consultants List are listed below in the order they appear on the roster:

Field Description
Consultant Name

Full name of the 203k consultant.

Consultant ID FHA's unique five-character identifier for a 203k consultant. The initial character of the ID identifies the Homeownership Center associated with the consultant:
A - Atlanta
D - Denver
P - Philadelphia
S - Santa Ana
Address Address attention line, street number and name, state, and zip code for the 203k consultant's business address. (Not provided for terminated 203k consultant records.)
Phone Telephone number of the 203k consultant's business. (Not provided for terminated 203k consultant records.)
Termination Date Date (mm/dd/yyyy) the 203k consultant was terminated/suspended. The date displays only while the termination is in force. When the consultant is not terminated, n/a displays.
Ineligible due to sanction Yes: Consultant is presently ineligible to participate in the 203k program due to civil, criminal, or debarment restrictions.
No: Consultant is eligible to participate in the 203k program.

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Last revised: October 12, 2012