Condominiums List - Field Descriptions

The field descriptions for the Condominiums List page are listed below in the order they appear on the page.

Field Description
Condominiums (HRAP/DELRAP Approval Method) as of [date]

Date the condominium information was retrieved.

Condo NameName under which the condominium project was incorporated.
Condo ID / Submission

Seven-character condominium project ID and three-digit submission number of the condominium project. The first character of the Condo ID specifies the HUD Homeownership Center (HOC) jurisdiction for the condominium project: A=Atlanta, D=Denver, P=Philadelphia, and S=Santa Ana. Each Submission number identifies a distinct set of units within the condominium project.

AddressLegal street address of the condominium project.
Approval Method Indicator specifying whether the condominium project/submission was approved by HUD or a lender.
HRAP: HUD Review and Approval Process (HRAP); condominium project/submission was approved by HUD (includes condominium projects recommended by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).
DELRAP: Direct Endorsement Lender Review and Approval Process (DELRAP); condominium project/submission was approved by a lender.
Composition of Project Description of the condominium project (number of buildings, phases, etc. that comprise the condominium project).
Comments Indicator specifying whether there are Sharable Comments about the condominium project. If there are comments, an Exists link is displayed for viewing the comments, otherwise None is displayed.
Document Status Indicator specifying whether the documents submitted for condominium project approval were (a) recorded with the local government (Recorded or Unrecorded) and (b) uploaded to HUD's server (Uploaded or Not Uploaded). Documents required for HUD approval are scanned into one Portable Document Format (PDF) file and submitted through the FHA Connection. Not on File is displayed if a PDF file containing the documents was not submitted.
Manufactured Housing Indicator specifying whether the condominium project is classified as manufactured housing.
FHA Concentration Percentage of units in the condominium project with active FHA-insured mortgages or mortgages that were assigned case numbers by the FHA. If more than one set of units was submitted for the project (i.e., Submission 001, 002, etc.), the units for all submissions are included in the percentage. Note: This percentage fluctuates as case numbers are assigned, cases are cancelled, and FHA mortgage insurance is terminated.
Status Approval status of the condominium project/submission.
Approved: Condominium project/submission was approved. Applications for FHA mortgage insurance can be processed for units in the condominium project/submission.
Rejected: Condominium project/submission was not approved; reason the condominium project/submission was rejected.
Single-unit approval condominium project.
Withdrawn: Condominium project/submission was previously approved; reason approval was withdrawn. Currently, applications for FHA mortgage insurance cannot be processed for units in the condominium project/submission.
Status Date Date the status of the condominium project/submission was entered (i.e, Approved, Rejected, or Withdrawn).
Expiration Date Date the Approved status of the condominium project expires, based on the Approval Date of the first submission of the project. Notes: This date applies to all subsequent submissions for the condominium project. If the condominium project's approval status is about to expire, nearing expiration is also displayed in this field. If the approval status has expired, expired is displayed.
[Search Criteria] Search criteria entered on the Condominiums page on which the Condominiums List is based.

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