Appraiser Roster Application
Business Background

The appraisal of property for which Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance is requested must be performed by an Active appraiser on the FHA Appraiser Roster.

Prerequisites for Enrollment in the FHA Appraiser Roster

Before applying for enrollment in the FHA Appraiser Roster, the appraiser must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The appraiser must be a state certified real estate appraiser with credentials based on the criteria established by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation. The appraiser's license type must be Certified Residential or Certified General. Only appraisers with current, valid state licenses are authorized under federal law to perform appraisals in connection with federally-related transactions.

  2. The National Registry of the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council must have a record of the appraiser's current state license. In the National Registry, the appraiser must have an Active status, have no disciplinary actions in any state in which the appraiser is certified/licensed, and be AQB compliant (conforms to the AQB's minimum testing, education, and experience recommendations for licensing). Check the ASC's National Registry at:

  3. Must NOT have a record in any of the following:
    HUD's Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS): CAIVRS is a federal interagency database that contains the following: (a) delinquent debt information from the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, Education, and Veterans Affairs and the Small Business Administration and (b) lien judgment information from the Department of Justice.
    HUD's Limited Denial of Participation (LDP) List: An LDP is an action taken by a HUD Field Office or the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family or Multifamily Housing which excludes a party from further participation in a HUD program area. Check the Limited Denial of Participation List at:
    Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) via System for Award Management (SAM) of the General Services Administration (GSA): Identifies those parties excluded from receiving federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits. Check SAM at:

Applying for the FHA Appraiser Roster

The Appraiser Roster Application must be completed online, printed, and scanned into an acceptable file format. Each state license must also be scanned into an acceptable file format. Then, the files (application and state license(s)) are uploaded to HUD's server. Online instructions are available. The information is encrypted and processed on a secure HUD server.

Notification of HUD's Decision

HUD reviews the Appraiser Roster Application and approves or denies the application. An e-mail notification with the results of HUD's decision is sent to the appraiser using the e-mail address entered on the application. If the application is denied, the reason for the denial is included. The Appraiser Roster Application can be submitted again when all of the deficiencies have been corrected and/or the criteria for eligibility are met.

Maintaining Appraiser Information

Appraisers on the FHA Appraiser Roster must maintain their own information through the FHA Connection, including state license renewals or additions. An FHA Connection user ID and password are required to access records. To obtain an FHA Connection user ID, an Appraiser Registration form must be completed and submitted to HUD. Information on obtaining a user ID and a link to the Appraiser Registration form is available on the Registering to Use the FHA Connection page at

Appraisers can maintain their own information through the Appraiser Roster option on the FHA Connection's ID Maintenance menu.

State License Renewal

HUD sends an e-mail notification to the appraiser 45 days before an appraiser's state license expires and another reminder 30 days before expiration. An appraiser with an expired state license cannot perform FHA-related appraisals within that state. ASC regularly provides HUD with renewed state license information. If there is an exact match between ASC and HUD's records, the appraiser's license is automatically updated and renewed in HUD's records. If there is not an exact match, the appraiser must manually process Appraiser Roster Update/Renewal on the FHA Connection and upload a scanned image of the renewed license. Appraiser Roster Update/Renewal is available on the FHA Connection through the Appraiser Roster option on the ID Maintenance menu. A link also available from the FHA Appraiser Rosters page on the webiste at: for more information on renewing your credentials.

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Last revised: May 3, 2018