Appraiser Roster Application Results Page
Field Descriptions

The field descriptions for the Appraiser Roster Application Results page are provided below in the order they appear on the page under their sections: Personal Information, Contact Information, and License Information.

Field Description
Message (Warning)Message indicating the application must be reviewed by HUD personnel. Note: This also indicates the files were successfully uploaded.
Personal Information
First Name First name of the appraiser.
Middle InitialMiddle initial of the appraiser.
Last NameSurname of the appraiser.
SuffixSuffix after the appraiser's Last Name (e.g., Jr. or III.),
Date of BirthMonth, day, and year of the appraiser's birth.
Social Security NumberSocial Security Number of the appraiser.
GenderGender of the appraiser.
EthnicityIndicator specifying whether the appraiser is of Latino or Hispanic descent.
Race(s)Racial background of the appraiser.

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Contact Information
Home Address
Street AddressStreet address of the appraiser's residence.
CityCity in which the appraiser resides.
StateState in which the appraiser resides.
Zip CodeU.S. Postal Service Zonal Improvement Plan (ZIP) code for the geographic location of the appraiser's residence.
Mailing Address
Business NameBusiness name under which the appraiser works.
Street AddressStreet address to which the appraiser's business mail is sent.
CityCity to which the appraiser's business mail is sent.
StateState to which the appraiser's business mail is sent.
Zip CodeZip code to which the appraiser's business mail is sent.
Contact Information
Phone NumberTelephone number of the appraiser.
Fax NumberFax number of the appraiser.
E-mail AddressElectronic mail address of the appraiser.
Confirm E-mailRepeat of the appraiser's electronic mail address for verification.

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License Information
TypeClassification of the appraiser's license.
StateState in which the appraiser is certified/licensed.
License NumberAppraiser's state license number.
Expiration DateMonth, day, and year the license expires.

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Last revised: April 23, 2012