CAIVRS Coordinator and User Registration
Business Background

User IDs must be issued to employees of non-FHA lenders who wish to use the Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS) on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's website.

First, the lender's designated Application Coordinator applies for a user ID by completing and submitting the CAIVRS Application Coordinator and Standard User Registration form. Each lender can have up to four Application Coordinators that maintain user IDs for the entire lending institution (all offices). When the registration process is completed, a letter containing the Application Coordinator's user ID is mailed to the lender's President or Chief Executive Officer.

Once the Application Coordinator receives a user ID, other employees of the lender (Standard Users) can use the CAIVRS Application Coordinator and Standard User Registration form to apply for their own user IDs. When the employee's registration is successfully completed, a user ID is generated. The Application Coordinator obtains the ID issued for the employee and grants the employee the authorization to use CAIVRS Pre-screening. The user ID is disclosed to the employee by the Application Coordinator.

The Application Coordinator can update nonsecure employee information, reset passwords, and terminate a Standard User ID when applicable. Send an e-mail to if secure information (i.e., Social Security Number or Mother's Maiden Name) must be corrected or a terminated ID reinstated.

Note: The user ID is a unique identification number assigned specifically to an individual within an organization. Sharing the ID is prohibited.

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Last revised: May 3, 2018