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Field Descriptions

The field descriptions for the Housing Counselor Registration page are provided below.

Field Description
Are you registering as a member of the Housing Counselor Database? Indicator specifying whether the applicant is a HUD-approved counselor (certified or HECM) and is applying for FHA Connection access.
Are you registering as an FHA Connection Application Coordinator for the housing counseling agency that employs you? Indicator specifying whether the applicant is applying as an FHA Connection Application Coordinator for a HUD-approved housing counseling agency.
If yes, please enter your agency ID HUD Housing Counseling System (HCS) ID issued to the HUD-approved housing counseling agency. The first digit is "8" or "9" followed by a unique four-digit number. Note: Only required for an Application Coordinator.
First Name First name of the applicant.
Middle Initial Middle initial of the applicant.
Last Name Surname of the applicant.
Social Security NumberSocial Security Number of the applicant.
Telephone Number Telephone number of the applicant.
E-mail AddressElectronic mail address of the applicant.
Re-enter E-mail Address for VerificationRepeat of the applicant's electronic mail address for verification.
Password Eight-character password created by the applicant.
Re-enter Password for Verification Repeat of the password entered in the Password field.
Mother's Maiden NameSurname of the applicant's mother before marriage.

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Last revised: July 24, 2017