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HUD issues FHA Mortgagee Letters to inform lenders about Federal Housing Administration (FHA) operations, policies, procedures, and changes. FHA Mortgagee Letters are available from a number of access points on the FHA Connection via the Mortgagee Letters links found:

in the footer of the FHA Connection Welcome page (and on other pages where that common footer appears) (no sign on or authorization required if accessing from the FHA Connection Welcome page)
as a menu option on the FHA Connection Main Menu (requires sign on to the FHA Connection)

as a menu option on the Single Family FHA menu (requires sign on to the FHA Connection)

Use one of the above paths when using the FHA Connection or, alternatively, go directly to the website at:

Detailed Information Resources
Subject/Type of Information
Illustrated, detailed training on accessing and using FHA Mortgagee Letters FHA Mortgagee Letters