CAIVRS Authorization - Business Background

The Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS) is a Federal interagency database that contains the following:

CAIVRS Authorization is used to access CAIVRS and determine if a potential borrower has a Federal debt that is currently in default or foreclosure or has had a claim paid by the reporting agency within the last three years. Federally approved lenders must use CAIVRS to prescreen all applicants for Federally insured loans, except for FHA streamline refinance cases. CAIVRS provides up to ten sets of information for each borrower. A unique Authorization Number is issued each time a borrower is checked in CAIVRS (this is also referred to as the Confirmation Code). This number is entered by the lender (underwriter) on the Mortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet, form HUD-92900-PUR (or form HUD-92900-WS).

FHA claim information is reported to CAIVRS for 36 months after a claim is paid. If the borrower has a delinquent Federal debt or has had a claim paid on a Federally insured loan, use the telephone referral number provided by CAIVRS to contact the office responsible for the reported debt.

If the CAIVRS message is erroneous with respect to an FHA insured loan, use the telephone referral number provided by CAIVRS to contact the appropriate HUD Homeownership Center (HOC) for instructions or documentation to support the borrower's eligibility. Contact the Credit Alert Coordinator at the HOC if there is a Social Security Number error. For an erroneous message reported by another Federal agency, contact the agency at the phone number provided by CAIVRS.

CAIVRS Authorization can also be used by FHA approved lenders to prescreen borrowers seeking loans through some of the other participating agencies listed above. The lender must have a unique ID issued by the agency.

You can access CAIVRS Authorization through the following sequence of FHA Connection links: Single Family FHA, Single Family Origination, Case Processing, and CAIVRS Authorization.

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Last revised: February 5, 2020