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To apply for an Application Coordinator ID, check the "Coordinator" radio button, fill out the form below, and click Send Application. Upon verification of the information, an ID will be assigned and mailed to the CEO of your organization. The password will not be disclosed, so make sure you remember it!!!
To apply for a Standard User ID, check the "User" radio button, fill out the form below and click Send Application. Upon verification of the information below, a User ID will be assigned. The Application Coordinator of your organization will retrieve the User ID. The password will not be disclosed, so make sure you remember it!!! And remember:
Warning! Misuse of Federal Information at this Web site falls under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, section 1030. This law specifies penalties for exceeding authorized access, alteration,damage or destruction of information residing on Federal Computers.

Privacy Act Notice
Authority: HUD is authorized to collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) by Section 203, National Housing Act, Pub. L. 73-479; Section 255, National Housing Act, Pub. L. 100-242; 42 U.S.C. 3543 - Sec. 3543 - Preventing fraud and abuse in Department of Housing and Urban Development programs, and in U.S. Federal Criminal Code 18 USC 1030 - Fraud and Related Activity with Computers; and in HUD Information Technology Security Policy 2400.25.

Purpose: HUD will use this information, including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to verify the identity of all individuals who request a user ID to access HUD information systems.

Routine Uses: The information will be used by and disclosed to HUD personnel and contractors or other agents to protect HUD information systems and networks as well as to safeguard sensitive PII and/or business-related information of participants in HUD programs that use CAVIRS and/or other information systems in fulfilling their Congressionally-mandated missions. Pursuant to the published Privacy Act System of Records Notices (SORNs), HUD may share the information with other program offices within HUD, and with law enforcement or other government agencies as necessary to respond to potential or actual threats to the security of Federal information systems and related data.

Disclosure: Providing this information (including your SSN) is voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information may delay or prevent access to this system.

The System of Records Notice (SORN) for this system is publicly available at:

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Password: You will enter your password each time you use this service. Note: Your password must be 8 characters in length and have
at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character.. Important: At your first sign on to the FHA Connection, you will need to enter the password you record on this registration form EXACTLY as you typed it, e.g.,with upper and lower case letters, etc.
Re-enter Password:
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Email: Include your e-mail user name, the @ sign and the servicename. For example:,,
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Lender ID: Enter the Lender ID that corresponds to the selected Agency. No hyphens or spaces, please.
Organization Name: Enter the name of your Organization
Mother's Maiden Name: Please provide this information for future verification when processing password reset requests.

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