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Quick Start: FHA Connection Facts


Welcome to the FHA Connection. This Quick Start page is an overview that also directs you to more detail on:

What is the FHA Connection? What loan processing capabilities and benefits does it offer?
user system requirements
FHA Connection functions
user assistance and training tools
detailed information on specific FHA Connection topics

FHA Connection loan processing capabilities and benefits

The FHA Connection is an interactive system on the Internet that gives approved Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lenders and other HUD-approved business partners real-time access to data residing in a number of HUD FHA systems. The FHA Connection is the recipient of the Hammer Award as a cost-effective, secure electronic means for the lending community to do business with HUD, supporting the entire loan processing life cycle.

The FHA Connection:

facilitates loan processing via use of a familiar Web browser and an Internet connection
reduces processing time and ensures data integrity
streamlines and expedites mortgage processing efforts via a user-friendly menu system and well-designed pages, online user aids and help, and numerous information resources
provides over 100 online processing functions, supporting the entire loan processing life cycle, e.g., see function descriptions for Single Family Origination, Single Family Servicing, Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing, and Lender Functions
processes over 180,000 transactions daily
supports lenders in performance of over 99% of FHA underwriting tasks
as online system, receives software updates immediately, directly from centralized server with no delay or user inconvenience

User system requirements

User system requirements for the FHA Connection are:

a personal computer with access to the Internet using a modem or network that accesses an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
an Internet Web browser, e.g., current version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla Firefox, that is compliant with the Internet standard protocol, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), for secure data transmission


FHA Connection security:

uses SSL communications protocol to ensure data security. The SSL protocol offers provisions for server authentication, encryption of data in transit, and client authentication. SSL is currently implemented on several different commercially available browsers, e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla Firefox.
protects transmissions between a user's terminal and the HUD Internet server using data encryption
displays authentication to the user that they are connected to HUD
requires unique user IDs and password security measures for access
provides carefully controlled access to FHA Connection functions between HUD and the lender organization
enforces efficient, protected security administration and maintenance online via the ID Maintenance function for password change, authorization update, Service Bureau Authorization, and Application Coordinator look up.

FHA Connection functions

The FHA Connection's functions facilitate FHA-approved lenders in originating and servicing FHA-insured single family home mortgages and updating their lender information.

FHA Connection Main Menu options reached upon sign on are:

Single Family FHA, which provides access to the online business areas used to originate, process, insure, and service FHA loans
Multifamily FHA, which provides access to the Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting System (MDDR), Physical Assessment Subsytem (PASS), and Line of Credit Control Systems (eLOCCS) system
Lender Functions, which provides access to information on record for HUD/FHA-approved lending institutions providing or servicing loans under National Housing Act Title I (home improvement and mobile homes) and Title II (single family homes)

Refer to the Functions Defined section of the Quick Start Guide's Home page for more detail.

The HUD FHA Business to Government (B2G) application provides a direct, XML-based interface between the FHA Connection and lender Loan Origination Systems (LOS). For more information, see the FHAC B2G information site which also lists single family origination and approval list functions currently available via B2G and provides links to technical information about these functions.

FHA Connection user assistance and training tools

FHA Connection users have at their fingertips a wide variety of user assistance and training resources. In summary, the FHA Connection Home page provides the following direct user assistance links:

user ID and log on information and assistance
direct e-mail to
contact information for the FHA Resource Center and for numerous other resources
information links (Getting Started section of the Home page)
training links (References section of the Home page)

Refer to the following pages in this Quick Start Guide, and also to the FHA Connection Guide (in-depth, illustrated coverage of all FHA Connection functions, how to use them, and user resources):

Navigation Tools and Assistance
How to Find Help, Training, and Information Resources
See also the FHA Connection Detailed Information Resources table.
Detailed Information Resources
Subject/Type of Information
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) General FAQs; Registration and Sign on FAQs; ID Maintenance FAQs
Step-by-step table of procedures for new registrants

Registering to Use the FHA Connection

Illustrated, detailed training on the user administration and authorization process

User Administration

Illustrated, detailed training on service bureau authorizations Service Bureau Administration
Illustrated, detailed training on FHA Connection functions: select the desired function FHA Connection Guide