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FHA Connection Guide


The FHA Connection Guide training modules offer detailed, illustrated information on using FHA Connection Single Family FHA loan processing-related functions and HUD lender resources.

You can view online, save, and/or print each training module in the list below (see About PDF format).


For Users:

FHA Connection Registration Procedures  
Signing on/off the FHA Connection  updated (1312 bytes)
Using the FHA Connection   updated (1312 bytes)

FHA Connection Training Resources  updated (1312 bytes)

For Administrators:

User Administration  
Service Bureau Administration  updated (1312 bytes)
Case Processing Overview   
Case Number Assignment  updated (1312 bytes)
Holds Tracking   
Logging an Appraisal  updated (1312 bytes)
HECM Financial Assessment  updated (1312 bytes) 
Endorsing a Case  updated (1312 bytes)
Endorsing a HECM Case  updated (1312 bytes)
Case Processing Support Functions   
FHA Approval Lists updated (1312 bytes)
Underwriter Registry 
Origination Reports 
Upfront Premium Payments and Refunds  
Single Family Servicing Overview  updated (1312 bytes)
Filing a Claim for Insurance Benefits
Claim Status
Title Approval Status
Claim Remittances  
Delinquent Loans
Lender Query by Case Number
Case Detail for Monthly Premiums  updated (1312 bytes)
Monthly Premium Payments and Refunds  
Monthly Premium Reports  
Mortgage Record Changes   updated (1312 bytes)
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System
Neighborhood Watch
Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP)  updated (1312 bytes)
Lender Insurance History
FHA Mortgagee Letters  updated (1312 bytes)
Lenders Page
Mortgagee Starter Kit
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