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Quick Start Guide: CAIVRS User Administration


This Quick Start page addresses FHA Connection CAIVRS user administration.

CAIVRS user administration

There are three categories of CAIVRS users. All access the CAIVRS Credit Alert System to pre-screen loan applicants' creditworthiness. The following summarizes CAIVRS Application Coordinator establishment procedures, according to organizational type:

HUD FHA-approved lenders' Application Coordinators use the FHA-approved lenders' Application Coordinator Registration form, selecting the CAIVRS authorization that appears on that form. See sections on FHA-approved pre-registration and registration requirements, Application Coordinator tasks, and the Detailed Information Resources table for more information.

Non-FHA-approved lenders using CAIVRS must also have Application Coordinators prior to authorizing Standard Users. These Application Coordinators are established via the CAIVRS Web site using the Registration for Lender User ID form.
Non-HUD Federal agency users have Agency Administrators that register via the CAIVRS Web site using the Registration for Government User ID form.

Detailed Information Resources
Subject/Type of Information
Explains registration by user type Registering to Use the FHA Connection
Illustrated, detailed training on the user administration process and roles

FHA Connection Registration Procedures