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Property Flipping  
  What Is Property Flipping?  

Property flipping is the practice of acquiring property and reselling it shortly after acquisition at an artificially inflated price and for a considerable profit.


House flipping from 85000 to 200000

  Before Appraisal Logging:  
  Appraisal Logging Authorization  
  Using Appraisal Report Forms  
  During Appraisal Logging:  
Tips for Entering an Appraisal  
  HECM Appraisals  
  Second Appraisals  
  After Appraisal Logging:  
  Reviewing Appraisal Information  
  Updating Appraisal Information  
  Property Flipping:  
  What Is Property Flipping?  
  What Is HUD Doing about Property Flipping?  

Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging