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After Appraisal Logging  
  Updating Appraisal Information  

Certain appraisal information can only be updated at certain times, as explained below.

If the recorded appraisal information is incomplete or incorrect, you must update the information prior to case endorsement. For case numbers assigned on/after 06/27/2016, use the FHA's Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal (EAD is optional for case numbers assigned 04/11/2015 through 06/26/2016); or, for case numbers assigned prior to 06/27/2016, Appraisal Logging on the FHA Connection may be used to get case information and make corrections as needed.

Upon accessing the Appraisal Logging Update page populated by EAD, you may encounter case type and/or address errors/warnings that must be resolved before continuing case processing (see Electronic Appraisals).

Changes to the following Appraisal Logging information affect 203k Calculator: Contract Price, Appraised Value, second appraisal added, and prior sale information for a refinance case (property was acquired within the last 12 months or prior sale/transfer as a result of family gift or inheritance). If changes are made to this information, the user must return to 203k Calculator and process it again with the new Appraisal Logging information. Insurance Application cannot be accessed until 203k Calculator information is in synch with Appraisal Logging information. (See WINK, 203k Calculator.)

If you need to correct appraisal information but the case has been endorsed, contact the FHA Resource Center at 800-CALLFHA
(800-225-5342) for assistance. Appraisal information cannot be updated by the lender after case endorsement.

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