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Property Flipping  
  Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging  

When an appraisal is logged and processed, a message is displayed at the top of the Appraisal Logging Results page if HUD's property flipping rules apply to the case. Click one of the property flipping rule categories below for further details.

Property is resold within 90 days of acquisition.
Property is resold within 91-180 days of acquisition and meets or exceeds the resale price percentage threshold.


  Before Appraisal Logging:  
  Appraisal Logging Authorization  
  Using Appraisal Report Forms  
  During Appraisal Logging:  
  Tips for Entering an Appraisal  
  HECM Appraisals  
  Second Appraisals  
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  Reviewing Appraisal Information  
  Updating Appraisal Information  
  Property Flipping:  
  What Is Property Flipping?  
  What Is HUD Doing about Property Flipping?  

Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging