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Entering an Appraisal  
  Second Appraisals  

A second appraisal may be required or optional under certain circumstances. Below are a few points that relate to a second appraisal:

The date of the second appraisal must be later than the date of the first appraisal.
When entering a second appraisal, two pop-up message boxes are displayed providing users guidance on when to record a second appraisal. The messages must be acknowledged before continuing to enter the second appraisal.
If a second appraisal is entered, a message is displayed at the top of the Appraisal Logging Update page indicating which appraisal is being viewed and which appraisal is currently being used for case processing.
Edits to either the first or second appraisal may be made until the case is endorsed for FHA mortgage insurance.


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Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging