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Before Appraisal Logging  
  Appraisal Logging Authorization  

You must be authorized to access Appraisal Logging on the FHA Connection.

Contact your FHA Connection Application Coordinator if you are not authorized.
Request that the Appraisal Processing authorization is set to Add/Update for your user ID.


  Before Appraisal Logging:  
  Appraisal Logging Authorization  
  Using Appraisal Report Forms  
  During Appraisal Logging:  
  Tips for Entering an Appraisal  
  HECM Appraisals  
  Second Appraisals  
  Electronic Appraisals  
  After Appraisal Logging:  
  Reviewing Appraisal Information  
  Updating Appraisal Information  
  Property Flipping:  
  What Is Property Flipping?  
  What Is HUD Doing about Property Flipping?  

Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging