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An appraisal determines the property's fair market value for FHA mortgage insurance.
Lenders use the FHA's Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal (required for case numbers assigned on/after 06/27/2016 and optional for case numbers assigned 04/11/2015 through 06/26/2016) and/or Appraisal Logging on the FHA Connection (may be used for case numbers assigned prior to 06/27/2016) to record or update appraisal information in HUD's origination system, the Computerized Housing Underwriting Management System (CHUMS). Appraisal information for an endorsed case is view only.
Complete appraisal logging prior to submitting the insurance application (if the case type requires an appraisal).
See Appraisal Logging Help for additional assistance.


  Before Appraisal Logging:  
  Appraisal Logging Authorization  
  Using Appraisal Report Forms  
  During Appraisal Logging:  
  Tips for Entering an Appraisal  
  HECM Appraisals  
  Second Appraisals  
  Electronic Appraisals  
  After Appraisal Logging:  
  Reviewing Appraisal Information  
  Updating Appraisal Information  
  Property Flipping:  
  What Is Property Flipping?  
  What Is HUD Doing about Property Flipping?  

Property Flipping and Appraisal Logging