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During Appraisal Logging  
  Tips for Entering an Appraisal Using the FHA Connection  

For case numbers assigned on/after 06/27/2016, use the FHA's Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal to upload appraisal information (EAD is optional for case numbers assigned between 04/11/2015 through 06/26/2016). Otherwise, for case numbers assigned prior to 06/27/2016, the Appraisal Logging page on the FHA Connection may be used to enter the appraisal information. The page is divided into multiple sections that require various property and appraiser-related information. Page sections include:

Neighborhood Fields
Property Information
Physical Characteristic Fields
Property Title Information
Presidentially Declared Major Disaster Area
Reconciliation Fields
Prior Sale Information
Site Fields

If an appraisal is required, Insurance Application cannot be submitted until the appraisal is successfully recorded in the FHA Connection. A few data entry tips to help you complete the page are provided below:

On the date the appraisal is performed, the appraiser must be on the FHA's appraiser roster and meet Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) requirements for certification.
Do not enter dollar signs, commas, or cents in fields requiring monetary amounts, e.g., 100000, 250000.
Enter whole percentages without percent signs (%) in fields requiring percentages, e.g., 100, 75.
Click the calendar icon Calendar User Aid Icon to quickly look up and enter a specific date.
Use the search/look up icon Search Information User Aid Icon for associated field information.
Create, maintain, and use your own list of appraisers by selecting Appraiser List User Aid Icon on the page.
View help links by selecting Help and choosing one of the options (processing assistance, field descriptions, and business background).
For additional case information, click Other Functions Listing for links to other FHA Connection functions available for the case (based on function availability), e.g., Case Number Assignment, Borrower/Address Change.
Use Borrower/Address Change if the property address must be updated.
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